The National Space Society of Australia is supportive of young professionals who wish to further their careers in space related fields  - whether it be with government or industry.

In September 2017,  the International Astronautical Congress comes to Adelaide, Australia.

The NSSA will be sponsoring eight of its student members to attend the congress.  The students selected to attend are:

* William Crowe (University of NSW, Sydney) - PHD student
* Andrew Gibbs (University of NSW, Canberra)
* Thomas Mueller (Sydney University, Sydney)
* Siddarth Pandey (University of NSW Canberra) - PHD student
* Arunkumar Rathinam (University of NSW, Sydney) - PHD student
* Lisa  Stojanovski (Australian National University, Canberra)
* Seun Yinka-Kehinde  (Monash University, Melbourne)
* Helen Zhou (Monash University, Melbourne)

The sponsorship will involve meeting registration costs and off-setting part of each of their travel and accommodation costs by $500.

Congratulations to the students!

We will hear more of their activities in September.